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Young ICCA Arbitration Skills Training Workshop: Dar es Salaam, 5 May 2016

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On behalf of Young ICCA, we are pleased to invite you to attend a Young ICCA Arbitration Skills Training Workshop taking place on 5th May 2016 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

TOPIC: “Arbitration in East Africa: Challenges and Opportunities”

VENUE: Mkono & Co Advocates, 8th Floor, EXIM Tower, Ghana Avenue

DATE: 5 May 2016 – TIME: 9:00am – 4.30pm

SPEAKERS: Dr. Wilbert Kapinga, Partner at Mkono &Co Advocates

Ms. Elizabeth W Karanja, Director at J Miles & Co, Nairobi

Mr. MJA Lukwaro, Lukwaro & Co. Advocates

Ms. Samah Saleh, Partner at IMMMA Advocates

Ms. Madeline Kimei – CEO & Founder, Resolution Experts Tanzania Continue reading

Freelance Legal Reporter / Correspondent

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JOB TITLE: Legal Reporter / Correspondent
Type: Part-time (Freelancer)
Application Method: By email to is a product created by RESOLUTION EXPERTS.

Background, is an online newswire for the East African legal community that covers major litigation, transactions and regulatory issues. It is a cutting-edge product developed in 2016 and aims to be one of the fastest-growing subscription news services in the East Africa., a product by Resolution Expert, is seeking an experienced reporter to cover the business of law firms for our online daily business newswire. The Legal Industry Reporter will be responsible for pitching and writing 2-4 stories per day on topics of interest to law firm leaders, including but not limited to law firm finances, marketing, business development, expansion efforts, billing practices, benefits and compensation, diversity, recruitment, education and training, and legal ethics, among other topics.

The Legal Industry Reporter will be responsible for developing a diverse group of sources within law firms and among legal industry experts and maintaining a calendar of events and attending important industry conferences.


• Candidates must have a legal background and reporting experience is an added advantage and strong reporting, writing, communication and analytical skills.
• Must be versatile and work as a team player
• Must be able to write clearly, engagingly, and authoritatively – and on a deadline


• Must have the ability to juggle a stream of daily stories on tight deadlines with long-term features, while also scoring scoops on the beat
• Report on how law is practiced inside companies and corporations, with focus on the general counsels and in-house lawyers and law departments, and how they award business to outside law firms. Focused on companies in East Africa but reporting field can include anywhere in the world.
• Responsible for some content in special monthly in-house sections.
• Develop relationships with the appropriate contacts and companies in the market
• Conduct in-person and telephone interviews with sources
• Any other task in scope and required by management of the e-magazine

iResolve – Changing the way people approach disputes

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Integrated with a customer-friendly user interface. Our system replicates the current process of dispute resolution in an online environment, removing the constraints of time, expense and distance. The platform provides rich support for discussion and caucusing, document management, scheduling and case management, and award drafting, allowing neutrals and parties to focus on finding solutions instead of paperwork.

The iResolve online dispute resolution platform can be used by businesses and government agencies across the country.

iResolve helps consumers and businesses prevent or resolve their complaints and disputes online using a quick, efficient and affordable service. The service is free to both consumers and businesses. 

iResolve uses a structured process of negotiation and (if required) mediation – all in a private and secure online environment. The system is easy to use, no matter where the parties are located.

iResolve benefits businesses too, because counsumer complaints and claims are presented to them in a packaged format – allowing them to manage customer relations more efficiently. And customers prefer to deal with businesses that have effective complaint and dispute management procedures.

Contact us today to be part of this evolution.


.tz Dispute Resolution Services

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At present Resolution Experts provides Dispute Resolution Services for “.tz” ccTLDs (Top Level Domains)

We are the sole local provider of dispute resolution services in regards to “.tz” domain names, having been appointed for such purpose by the Tanzania Network Information Centre (tzNIC), the registrar of .tz Domain Names.

Our domain dispute administration is affordable and our customer service is exceptional and our time-to decision ranges between 30 -40 days. Parties are also encouraged to use our online filing and case management system for faster, more efficient case processing via our platform

For queries please send email to

Call us on +255 766 074704

Ms. Madeline Kimei

MD, Resolution Experts Tanzania


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The East African Young Mediators’ Forum (EAYMF) is a space for learning about and engaging with mediation. We explore the purpose and practice of mediation and ways in which we can engage with this forum in the East African Community.

Mediation is a different, positive way of looking at, dealing with and resolving conflict. It is simple but radical. From court cases to work places, communities to corporations, mediation has a lot to offer.


The aim of the EAYMF is to strengthen Resolution Experts links with the young mediators and ADR community and to provide a forum for young professionals– including young lawyers, mediators, young ADR specialists and young in-house counsel, academics and graduate students with an interest in the field to network and to learn for each other about career developments and issues of interest in the field. The EAYFM is for people from all professions and walks of life who are new to, and have an interest in, mediation.

Therefore, it is intended as a platform where young mediators and mediation advocates can contact each other, share knowledge, get in touch with organizations and network with competent mediators and mediation advocates to gain experience through shadowing, assistantships, internships, co-mediations and mentoring programmes.


Our aims and objectives are to:
– Raise awareness of the purpose and the profile of mediation in Tanzania, across all sectors;
– Encourage and contribute to education, training and research into mediation;
– Promote a greater understanding and use of mediation as an effective dispute resolution tool;
– Create and encourage links among our members and other groups and organizations with similar or complementary aims and objectives, in Tanzania and further afield in East Africa;
– Represent our members and contribute to relevant research and consultation on our members’ behalf;
– Understand public and professional conceptions about mediation and develop and influence them appropriately.


The EAYMF will coordinate events through the ADR ACADEMY regularly throughout the year to explore mediation in context, its practice and purpose.


Members must be under the age of 40.

The registration fee will be Tanzanian Shillings Fifty Thousand (Tshs. 150,000/=) only to register as a EAYMF Associate, and members receive regular information on upcoming conferences and networking events.

To register as a EAYMF Associate, please email us at

Registration Fees: Tshs. 150,000 payable upon registration.

Mediation in Motion

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First Sino-African arbitration centers set up in Shanghai and Johannesburg
By Sudeshna Sarkar

“Tanzanian Madeline Kimei said CAJAC will offer parties a wider choice of forum. “There is also added value in having this joint initiative in place as knowledge and expertise can be shared between [Chinese] and African dispute resolution practitioners,” she said.

However, the Johannesburg center may not be enough for Africa. Kimei feels there should be a network of strategically placed branches in other African countries for ease of access to the services. But it would be challenging too as Africa, she said, had inadequate legal regimes and infrastructures for efficient international commercial arbitration. “That is why the branching out has to be done strategically,” she suggested.”

Full article available here

iResolve due to launch in September 2015

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The web-based dispute resolution platform is due to launch in September 2015.

The platform can be accessed through

Online dispute settlement to go online

Details Published on Tuesday, 14 July 2015 00:26 Written by DAILY NEWS Reporter Hits: 288

TANZANIANS will soon be able to resolve some commercial disputes through the internet, under a system known as iResolve, thus saving unnecessary costs in settling complaints.

The iResolve would simply be accessed via internet where complainants are to file cases and let the company behind the idea to solve the disputes on their behalf.

The Resolution Experts Managing Director, Ms Madeline Kimei, said the companies – especially service providers – would be members of the iResolve and once a complaint is filed it would be channelled to the respective firm for solving.

“There are no charges for the complainants but members will foot the costs,” Ms Madeline, who is the company founder, said, “the idea is to solve whatever dispute to the benefit of both parties.”

The founder, a masters of law graduate, said the service would be ready before this year’s end to bring in a new era of solving dispute through friendly internet protocol.

Read more on this link

In law we Trust….

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China seeks deeper legal ties with Africa for not just better trade, but also a more equitable world order
By Sudeshna Sarkar

……………………….This is the basic goal of most African participants. Like Dhokwani, Madeline Kimei, the founder of Resolution Experts, a dispute resolution service firm in Dar es Salaam, hopes to understand the legal framework in China and help adapt to it in Tanzania. “It will create a path to better relations with Chinese enterprises and businesses in Tanzania and Tanzanians in China,” the Tanzanian advocate said.

Kimei also wants to talk about Tanzania’s “investor-friendly and accommodating laws that would encourage the Chinese to invest in Tanzania” and about the Tanzania Investment Center, the single window providing all information for investment promotion and facilitation. In addition, she wants to highlight that Tanzania, the headquarters of the five-member East African Community, can be the gateway for investors into all of East Africa.